Salary register in Spain

A few months ago we wrote about the efforts of the Spanish government in the field of gender equality in the workplace.

In January royal decree 901/2020 entered into force, making equality plans for (bigger) companies mandatory.

This month, on April 14th, the royal decree 902/2020 on equal pay will enter into force. Companies have already been obliged since March 2019 to have a salary register, and this for all workers including (senior) management. As of this month, sanctions are a possibility.

Purpose of the register:

• Transparency of remunerations, bring discrimination to light

• Facilitate access to this information, serve as a reference tool to analyse the causes of differences

• Demand justification for deviations; pay gaps of more than 25% have to be justified by the employer

• Insights on the proportion of women and men at different professional levels and the measures taken to promote equality

The pay register must include these data broken down by sex:

• Total annual salary and gender pay gap.

• Annual basic salary and gender gap for this concept.

• Annual salary supplements and gender gap for this concept.

• Extra salary payments and gender gap for this concept.

• Annual overtime and overtime payments and the gender gap for this concept.

Obligations vary according to the size of the company and whether or not it has an equality plan in place. Contact us at Olive Operations for more information. More background reading also here.