Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain – From the Foreign Investor’s Perspective

There are plenty of studies showing why Spain is an interesting country to invest. Often, these studies are drawn up by Spanish researchers, politicians or civil servants based on their interests and perspectives.

ICEX – Invest in Spain does it differently, with its annual ‘Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain’. They start from a survey of 800 foreign companies already active in Spain. The ‘Barometer’ questions these companies about the labour market, taxes, infrastructure, costs, human capital, innovations and quality of life.

·  What expectations do these foreign companies have for 2021 regarding the development of the labour market?

· Which developments do they foresee in the export market?

· What plans do they have for investment?

· What are the main spheres of action for foreign investors?

Interested to read more about the opinions of foreign companies and investors? You can read the results of this ICEX-survey (pdf) via this link.