Official holidays in Spain

2021 is only just getting started, but you’re already wondering when the first official holiday is coming up?

A spot on question because today was Epiphany (DrieKoningen or ReyesMagos) and a national holiday in Spain.

There are 3 kinds of labour holidays in the country: national (max 9), regional (comunidad) and local (at least 2) ones, adding up to a maximum of 14 holidays per year.

They’re not áll days off for the employees though, that can depend on your Convenio (labour agreement). Often holidays that fall on the weekend are just lost, meaning most employees have around 11 days off per year.

Now you’d think these holidays wouldn’t change throughout the years, right?
But no, last year for example 15/8 was a holiday but not this year. And 1/11 was not a holiday last year but it is in 2021.

What’s also quite annoying is that you’’ll find a whole lot of different versions of the holiday calendar on the internet, confusion all around.

Why do they have to make it so complicated? I hear you think. Totally agree.

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