Administrative support

Are you looking for someone who will help make your work environment more efficient and enjoyable? Someone who offers support and to whom you can delegate the most diverse tasks? Then choose the Olive Supporters.

Office management



What are the benefits?

You put the work in the hands of specialists: they excel in time management, create well-organized presentations, they have incredible organizational talent and strong communication skills.

Our specialists create time. You follow up on the work instead of doing it yourself. That means less stress and more time to focus on your customer, employees or product. Because that’s what really matters, right?

Our specialists ensure quality. You won’t forget appointments, you won’t have double bookings, restaurants are booked and hotels cancelled in time, reports are in your mailbox or contracts can be checked quickly in the cloud wherever and whenever you need them. And that end-of-year drink? All you have to do is show up, drinks and snacks have been arranged.

We have Dutch/English/Spanish speaking people on board, ready to assist you whenever and wherever you need them.

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