Els Van Humbeeck

“The right person in the right place”, but also “the right tool for the right process”. I get great pleasure in helping customers with this and seeing how the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

As a freshly graduated MBA student, I dived into the world of security just before 9/11. I quickly learned to stand my groundin those turbulent times and found myself at the head of a new department. Recruiting, people management, personnel planning, account management, unions, marketing … it all came my way.

After a deep dive into Human Resources, I chose again for a broader position as operations manager at DPG Media. After all, I like the broad scope that you have as department head. Taking care of your people, letting them and the company grow, but always taking into account the P&L of your department; a beautiful responsibility I believe.

Searching for more efficiency and automation, for tools that could make the work of my team run smoother and with a smaller error margin, is what I was -and still am- continuously working on. I never shy away from a challenge.. Brainstorming sessions with like-minded passionate efficiency seekers, and that ‘aha’ moment when you come up with a top idea, that’s what I still do it for!

What I also like to get out of bed for, is for the people I work with. Guiding new managers in their difficult and oh-so-important role, or helping young entrepreneurs in devising a personnel policy, their first recruitments, coaching and guiding their people. The best memories from my career are still those where I was able to really make people grow, on a personal and/or professional level.

If you see me now and then looking longingly at the sky, then I am undoubtedly musing about the blue skies of Valencia. I am very grateful to have lived for a few years in this fantastic region where I enjoyed the sun, nature and culture and where I discovered entrepreneurship.
I am happily married to my companion the route Bart and the proud mum of 2 brave teenage sons.

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