Anke Vandenhouwe

‚ÄúTrust is good, control is better.” This is how it is instilled in every rookie auditor, and it was no different when I started out professionally. In the second part of my career, I joined DPG Media as a Finance executive and my love for strong brands came together with my passion for media. It was only then, after being sworn in as a corporate auditor, that it became clear that the words in that slogan should have been reversed: “Control is good, trust is better”.

As an “empathic mentor,” I first want to be there for my team: a listening ear, a safety net, a support. I exercise leadership by fighting with my troops in the trenches. I add passion and focus, giving direction and realism to every project.

Putting the right people in the right place, both in terms of technical competence and cultural affinity: do it correctly and you will get the very best out of your people. I really believe that.

I also like bringing structure and systematization to administrative processes, in order to improve productivity and cut down on wasted time.

Two of those passions – people and administration – came together earlier at the launch of The Supporters. My natural instinct to constantly look for improvement, as well as my financial baggage and analytical skills, I then put at the service of others through RentMyBrain.

I am a born realist. I like to move quickly and seize opportunities. I solve problems in the most pragmatic way possible and I find satisfaction when it exceeds the expectations of others.

I am happily married to my best friend Michael, with whom I have 2 young children, Aline and Louis.

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