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Our mission

We make sure that doing business in Spain remains fun and adventurous for you!

Starting a business in Spain, that's next on your list?

So, how do you get started?

Not all that easy getting the paperwork done in Spanish. Especially not without or with a limited network.

You're certainly not the only one struggling with this. According to a FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade) study from 2018, language and bureaucracy are the main reasons why companies hesitate to open that fancied office in Spain.

But don't let this stop you! Because this is Olive Operations' very reason to exist: to help you with all the fuss you don't want to deal with.

You want to focus on your business, of course! We take care of your HR, marketing, facilities, contracting, compliancy, office management, or anything you need help with.

Making sure that doing business in Spain remains fun and adventurous for you, that's our Reason Why.

Our Services

This is what we can do for you!

Whether you are already active in Spain or have just decided to take up the challenge, Olive Operations is there for you!

We are your local representative, your SPOC for everything related to support of your company. We focus exclusively on the business side of your story, but would be happy to refer you to specialized service providers for guidance of your expats or for your own questions regarding finding a home, school, and so on.

Service offering

Would you like help with 1 specific part or do you opt for support on all domains? 

Is your company already officially established? Have you found an office yet? We are happy to assist you and help you find the right specialists. You can also contact us for the practical design of your office

You want to hire a number of employees and therefore need help with recruitment, drawing up employment contracts and salary packages, onboarding, coaching, training programmes...

We take care of all necessary contracts such as insurances, telecom, electricity, water, cleaning company, the mandatory prevention service, all safety and security equipment for the office.

If you want to post regularly on social media, design marketing material, need help organizing an opening reception or events with customers, whatever is possible!

Of course we make sure that you are in order with the Spanish or European legislation and that you are aware of all the opportunities that the government offers in terms of subsidies and support.

Need office supplies? Weekly orders, travel and hotel reservations, invoicing, checking pay slips, and the like. You can also outsource these tasks to us.


How do we proceed practically?

Based on your needs, we make a tailor-made proposal. The work can be done remotely, but we can also agree on a regular presence at your office. We always prefer a long-term collaboration; only then we can get to know our client's needs and meet them optimally. Feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting and collaboration proposal!