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Labour market in Spain

Health crisis effects salaries in Spain - 18/02/2021

The current health crisis has quite the influence on the labourmarket in Spain and consequently on the salaries. Now that's a no-brainer.. Read more...

Have you set your objectives yet? (video) - 31/01/2021

Even in a start-up or a small team, it’s a very good idea to stop for a moment, and think about what you want to achieve this year. What goal, what milestone you want to reach with your team. What you want every team member to accomplish this year. Watch movie...


Gender equality in Spain - 18/01/2021

A new step towards gender equality in Spain was taken last week, when the royal decree 901/2020 entered into force. Read more...


Official holidays in Spain - 06/01/2021

2021 is only just getting started, but you're already wondering when the first official holiday is coming up?
A spot on question because today was Epiphany (DrieKoningen or ReyesMagos) and a national holiday in Spain. Read more...


2020 will not be remembered as COVID year - 29/12/2020

As we look back these days at the year that is coming to an end, it’s easy to describe it as anyone would. But no, 2020 will not be remembered as the COVID year by me. Read more...

Met España Digital pompt Spanje miljarden euro's in een digitale economie. Welk voordeel heb jij daar bij? - 21/12/2020

Als Belgisch of Nederlands tech-bedrijf op zoek naar expansie? Al overwogen om je technologie en kennis te gaan vermarkten in Spanje? Read more...

What's the world's best city to live in for Expats? - 29/11/2020

Valencia, home of Olive Operations, was just voted the world's best city to live in as a foreigner! Do you want to know why?. Read more...

Olive Operations

Spanje blijft een veelbelovende markt (FIT) - 10/11/2020

Het is nu hét moment om een bedrijf te starten of zaken te doen in Spanje!
Dat zeggen wij niet, maar wel Tom Vermeulen, Vlaamse economische vertegenwoordiger van Flanders Investment & Trade, in Madrid. Read more...